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30 March 2009 @ 08:43 pm
Well I had minor surgery on thurs. I had Cancer 4 years ago and have been getting checked out yearly,but I missed the last years because the doctor moved away.  I forgot how much the Bioposepies hurt......... I feel really  really in pain... my back end feels like a science experiement...lol.
Thank god for vicadin.... I  keep on having neave twinges... but I will be worth when they tell me that I am cancer free..  this weekend was alot about sleeping and more sleeping...well I am very tired from tring to work I worked for 6 hours and had to go home.
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22 February 2009 @ 09:56 am
      Well it seems my life is changing again... So I hold my breath and jump in. I found out that the office I work in was closing as of the 12th of April. I will be out of a Job in this very shaky economy. I liked my job but I adore the people I work with more. I have never felt so at home with a group of people before. I will miss them alot. I am considering going back to school for retraining. maybe BTC for the Human Resources Development Area but that is a puzzle I will be putting togather one piece at a time.
      I had the honor this weekend of spending time at the "Over The Rainbow" festival put on by the the GSA of Mount Vernon High School. I think it is one of the only GLBTQ festivals put on at the Highschool level. I went down with BD on friday night for a great movie called " Ask Not" it was about being gay and lesbian and wanting to be in the military. I got to meet the fiim's producer and a very distinquised panal of ex military gays and lesbians including Margreta Cammermeyer and the highest ranking member to be kicked out of the military  a Lt Cornal  who both live in the area. Then BD and I went to a new dance club in Bham called "Glow" on top of the BoB's Burger and Brew on Holly. Then to Rumours to end the night. The next morning BD got back in face and we  picked up BW and her GF and went back down to Mount Vernon to avery full day of seminar's, cake walk's and old and new friends. My god the kids in Highschool are young. I wish that I had a Gay Straight Alliance in Highschool back at ole EHS. after that we came back up and got Dressed up in Mardi Gras finerey and went to Rumors for the Mardi Gras Party which BD passed grosses of Beads. masks and kisses .

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07 November 2008 @ 02:38 pm

I started the day at 4 am YUCK!!! because I had to be at in downtown Bellingham at 5:45. There was a group of about 50 of us in the group including the presentors. I was a quick drive down to Anacortes to get coffee and to the ferry. The weather was great clear and sunshining. We got on the ferry to Orcas Is. after we got to the camp and unloaded and into the cabins which were bunk beds. I have not sleeped in a bunk bed since I was in college. I think I hit head 4 times on the top bunk!!! but it was a great cabin with a very cold concrete floor.
The grounds of the camp were wonderful. situated nexted to  Rosario resort on the lake the grounds had a  100 year old apple orchard  with deer that roamed the grounds that were so tame they ate apples out of my hand.  a full family of them. the camp is surounded by evergreens. It was a great to relax and clear my head.
We spent the afternoon playing small group games to help build rapport and community. I actually enjoyed doing them. I had spent many hours of my college career doing, planning, executing games like the ones we played. I hated it in college after awhile. but I liked it I actually liked it. nexted we did a class on photojournaling. It iwas a great weekend with some great new friends

13 October 2008 @ 03:16 pm
      what a great weekend. I went to Orcas Island over the weekend for a great retreat with many old and new friends. The weekend was at the Moran State Park enviromental center. It is a great place that reminded of going to church camp at Camp Burton on Vashon Island. The retreat was a healing and relaxation retreat.
     We left Bellingham at 5:45 in the morning and stopped at the Starbuck's for coffee. Then we boarded the Washington State Ferry Yakima for a great hour cruise through the San Juans stopping at Lopez Island first then on to Orcas Island. I forgot how beautiful the islands are. the green trees and wonderful rock formations. On Orcas Island we travel around  the Island to Moran State park Right nexted to Rosario Resort which is now out of business( tears) The camp is great with 100 year old apple orchards.
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30 August 2008 @ 11:25 pm
It only toke me 2 years to set up a page on live journal but i did it. I had been with someone KJ who has a page on here and did not want  to invade  his space to vent and talk and be. I am no longer with him so I decided that enough time had passed and we are still friends to make this part of my life also.  I think that will be good for me to use this journal to keep track of my life it seems to get out of hand sometimes oh well... such is life. hopefully i will get to post about the people in my life and all the exciting adventures that sneek on me...
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